User Manual: IRAD



The “Patent Pending” IRAD is the ultimate installation tool.  It provides solutions to 3 very specific problems faced in today’s installations. This easy to program device allows you to add a switched 12-volt output, a remote output with adjustable delay and a relay/solenoid control to overcome the issues created by vehicles with start/stop systems.

IRAD Features

  • Automatic +12V Ignition Detection and Output Generation

  • Generated +12V Remote Output (direct or linked to IGN)

  • Stop-Start Relay/Solenoid Control Mode

  • Independent Adjustable IGN & REM Turn-On/Off Delays

  • >500mA Continuous Output Current

  • Locking Detachable Terminals

  • Detachable Mounting Tabs

  • Compact Aluminum Chassis

  • Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA’s