User Manual: bassFREQ



You have just added a subwoofer to your system but something just isn’t quite right.  Maybe what is needed is a little bit of equalization?  It could be that the crossover built into your amplifier doesn’t have a steep enough slope.  Maybe you are using a ported enclosure and could really use a subsonic filter?  Whatever the issue is, the bassFREQ can help resolve it. 

The bassFREQ has RCA inputs but also includes the same class leading LOC as our link series products, so integrating with an OEM system is a snap.  There is a Parametric Equalizer, a 24dB/ octave low pass crossover and a subsonic filter.  A Remote Level Control (RLC) is also included.

bassFREQ Features

  • Bass Enhancement Processor

    • Fully Adjustable Parametric EQ

    • Variable Low-Pass Crossover (-24dB/oct)

    • Variable Subsonic Filter (-24dB/oct)

  • Line Driver or Line Output Converter

  • Includes Remote Level Control

  • Differential Balanced Inputs

  • Low Impedance Dual Mono Drive Outputs

  • Variable Gain Adjustment w/Clip LED

  • Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect

  • Generated +12V Remote Output

  • OEM Load Detect Compatible

  • Selectable Ground Isolation

  • Locking Detachable Power/Speaker Terminals

  • Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA’s

  • Compact Aluminum Chassis w/Detachable Mounting Tabs

bassFREQ Specifications

  • Output Voltage (Max) ---------- >10Vrms

  • Output Impedance --------------- <50Ω

  • Input Sensitivity

    • SPK ----------------------------- 2-20Vrms, 4-40Vrms

    • RCA ----------------------------- 0.5-5Vrms

  • Max Input Voltage (SPK) ------- 40Vrms

  • Frequency Response ------------- 5-400Hz

  • THD+N (SPK/RCA) ---------------- <0.1% / <0.1%

  • S/N (SPK/RCA) --------------------- >118dBA / >128dBA

  • Parametric (Boost/Q/Freq) ---- 0 to +12dB / 1.5-5 / 30-80HZ

  • Low-Pass Filter --------------------- 50Hz-400Hz, -24dB/oct

  • Subsonic Filter ---------------------- 5Hz-40Hz, -24dB/oct

  • Turn-On Trigger -------------------- +12V, DC-offset & Audio Detect

  • Generated +12V Output -------- >500mA

  • Chassis Dimensions --------------- 1.1”x3.5”x5.2” (29x90x133mm)