The electronics in vehicles today are changing so quickly, it can be impossible to keep up.  So much technology is built into the head unit that replacing it is becoming more difficult.  If you want better sound, there is a compromise that takes place, potentially losing factory options in the process.

Wāvtech was founded on the principle of solving this dilemma. Our OEM integration products allow the user to maintain all of the factory options that came with their vehicle, while providing a solid foundation for adding higher quality aftermarket amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers.

Music is a personal thing.  Wāvtech understands that each individual has a different idea of what makes a good sounding system. Whether you are just adding a subwoofer to improve the vehicles bass performance, or replacing all of the factory installed amplifiers and speakers, Wāvtech offers a solution for each unique situation.  

While OEM integration is what got us started, it is not all that we do.  If you have already replaced the factory installed head unit with an aftermarket one, and still aren't quite satisfied with the systems performance, Wāvtech offers models that can improve your system too.